“Every great design begins with
an even better story.”

– Lorinda Mamo

… so here’s a little about my story.

I’m a graphic designer and art director based in the Southern Highlands of NSW. I grew up loving arts and crafts and would spend countless hours sewing, stitching, knitting, scrapbooking, colouring-in, painting, or drawing with my mum. These were the golden days where my love for creating began!

After finishing school, I was lured into the idea of illustrating books for a living, so I decided to study a Bachelor of Design.

Soon after beginning my study, my eyes were opened to the whole world of graphic design. I found a deep love and appreciation for purpose-driven design, and while I didn’t actually end up ‘illustrating books for a living’, the idea of visually telling stories has still made its way into the path which I’ve taken. I love to tell stories through the way that I design and in the way pages are constructed – guiding an audience through the pages, and taking them on a journey.

Since finishing my studies, I’ve worked for companies in many broad areas of branding, content marketing, and publishing. But recently have made the move to freelancing!

With a passion for the simple things in life, my husband and I recently decided to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy life in Sydney, to be amongst the cows and the trees. We found our own patch of grass where we’ve started to establish our own garden and veggie patch, and have adopted a beautiful little puppy to roam the backyard.


Neutral colours, natural textures, raw materials, fresh air and rolling hills, the feeling of clay between my hands as it spins on a wheel, handcrafted goods, (real) dogs – the kind you can hug into without squashing them… home cooked meals, entertaining and cooking for guests, the smell of freshly baked goods, and a sip (or two) of a good vino on a large sized patch of green grass.

Services I offer

Print Design

Effectively communicate your brand message across your business cards, business stationery, corporate & wedding invitations, album artworks, book covers, flyers, handouts, brochures, catalogues, packaging, and campaign material.


I work with you to uncover your core identity and build a strategic visual brand package to reflect it. Brand packages include logos, brand colours, typography, an imagery style, an identity summary, a tone of voice, and other branding elements.

Publications & Layout

Tell your brand story and connect with your audience through books, magazines, prospectus booklets, or lookbooks. Stories allow people to empathise, relate and connect with each other. There’s a reason why stories have been told since existence!

“A portfolio as pretty as pictures is nothing but a tip of the iceberg, the real treasure underlies the ocean.”

– Sean Lukas

My process

When it comes to designing anything, the process and strategic thinking is crucial! It’s what makes the design effective, and is what gives the design leverage to have a successful outcome. Each brand and project is unique and requires special attention to the messages being conveyed to your audience. This is why I tailor each project to suit your needs.

Below is the general framework for my process:

1. Briefing & Research

We start off with a briefing session so I can get to know your brand identity, personality, and story. Then, I do some extra research on other relevant information so I have a broader understanding of your industry.

2. Concept

Once I have a good understanding of your brand personality, identity, and the industry in which you work in, I start to create some strategic concepts to accurately communicate your brand message in a visual way.

3. Defining the Direction

I treat the concept stage as another level of research which allows me to better understand your goals and expectations. Then, I work with you to narrow down, refine and/or alter the concepts, ready for the artwork creation stage.

4. Artwork

Once the concept has been finalised, I create the artwork to reflect the approved concept. I keep you in the loop at stages along the way and just before final sign off, I refine the details, making sure that it is of top quality.