• Branding •

Crossview is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to reaching people groups in the world who have no access to a Bible or Christian resources in their own language. Through Bible translation, and by facilitating and equipping churches and individuals, church planters, and cross-cultural workers with the tools and knowledge they need, Crossview sees people being empowered to go out and be more effective in cross-cultural mission.

Crossview has a deep desire to see mission done well, and this is reflected in their thorough processes, high quality of all things that they do, highly experienced staff, and in their extensive training program, called Connect.

Connect is a training program which guides people through an individualised curriculum, focussing on personal development, how to use gifts and talents in ministry, and how to apply the Bible across different cultural contexts in a technical and personal way.

Crossview has seen many changes over the past few years, and on reflection, their visual brand no-longer reflected who they were. They required a new visual brand which accurately reflected their core brand identity, so we were tasked with re-branding Crossview, and their training program, Connect.


NB: This brand project was created while working at Lokal Workshop