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Nieko is a solo musician who blends moods of alternate-country and melodic-folk, with darker undertones of indie-rock. His new album ‘Streets‘, was inspired by his past and hopefulness of the future… A ‘letting go’ of the old, and embracing the new; accepting what is, and having faith in what will be.

“Melancholy twang with the robust essence of hopefulness.”

With this as the theme for the album, I created an abstract artwork which involved a watercolour painted galaxy, creating a sense of stillness, peace, and reflection. A galaxy can also give a sense of ‘looking forward’, with hopefulness into the future. In the background, there is a glimmer of a street scene which ties to the idea of moving forward with new adventures and journeys; while also linking to the name of the album.


NB: This album artwork and social media promotion material was created while working at Lokal Workshop