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The Bridge is Sydney Missionary Bible College’s gap year program for 18-21 year olds. It is a hands-on, relational program that aims to give students a real taste of global mission and the needs of the world.

As well as studying the bible and growing spiritually, students have the opportunity to meet people from different walks, backgrounds, and cultures, and travel to SE Asia on a mission trip as part of the program. They also learn practical skills like barista training, defensive driving, cooking for groups, basic budgeting, managing conflict and sailing on Sydney Harbour. The year is packed with adventure and fun. They get to explore life outside their normal environment, and have the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Each year, The Bridge creates a new marketing campaign showcasing past students and their experiences. The campaign is complete with videos, postcards, and posters that speak to potential future students in a student to student manner.

The 2017 campaign focussed on 5 different stories from individual students from their year at the Bridge. Each story highlighted the 5 different pillars that The Bridge course includes, and creates a genuine tale of their experiences. The brief required us to create a fun and energetic campaign which encompassed the idea that students get to do a large range of different things, and that the course is a solid foundation for them to go out into the world and from what they’ve learnt, be able to make good choices in whatever students do next.

NB: This print project was created while working at Lokal Workshop

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