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Whittler is a creative production company, established by Lisa in 2019.

Lisa is passionate film-maker who understands the power that stories can have on people. It is her mission at Whittler, to maintain the core vales and universal truth behind well-told stories. Stories can connect people to the unknown, the forgotten, or the overlooked, and it is her desire to keep this human connection central to all of Whittler’s films and other creations, with a sense of warmth, quirk, positivity and hope, purpose, understanding, and empathy.

Whittler’s culture and business structure are best understood through the name: Whittler.
To ‘whittle’ is to remove the unnecessary and leave behind the essential. It is the process that a craftsman goes through to refine a product into a new form. A whittler will skill-fully hone away at a raw object, until the vision of their creation comes to a beautiful fruition. If we are to ‘strip back the clutter’, Whittler Films’ approach is simple, yet intricate, in both their process and product.

Whittler creates films and short video content (shorts & socials) as well as other designed material which celebrates a true, honest story, in a simple and nostalgic way. They’re all about connecting with people (whether directly or indirectly), and aim to guide their clients through the craft and film-making process. Whittler cares about what is at the core of the the story and the story-teller. They strive to deliver an honest, top quality product seamlessly from the initial concept right through to completion.