Why is branding so important?

When it comes to starting up a business, a lot of people don’t give branding much thought – but it is very necessary to do!

When well thought out branding is communicated correctly, it can make a huge difference to a business. Branding is the face which shares what type of company you are with your customers. It needs to present a good first-hand message so that your customers can form healthy opinions… However, consistency is key!

Consistency in branding establishes a level of trust and it sets an expectation…

Just like infants who need consistent routines to ensure things do not get ‘out-of-hand’, so do your customers. Infants need consistent routines because it gives them a sense of security and it eliminates the uncertainty of the unknown.

Likewise, it’s true to say that adults generally don’t like the ‘unknown’ too. So when it comes to communicating with your customers (branding) it is important to be consistent with your messages to eliminate confusion and uncertainty in engaging with your entity. Consistency in branding establishes a level of trust and it sets an expectation for each and every time a customer returns.

Consistency in your branding also brings recognition! Think about it… how many times have you decided to buy a product because the BRAND chosen is known for its good quality? And how many times have you chosen a company to do business with vs. another, because you’re familiar with it? Consistency in brand messages reinforce the brand’s identity and promise, and boosts the awareness and recognition of the brand.

Branding also sets you apart from other competing entities. In an age where there is an abundance of companies left, right and centre, and where businesses can now operate remotely and online, you aren’t just competing with local organisations now.. You’re competing with companies on a much larger scale. It’s no doubt that it can be hard to stand out from the rest!

So, if your services are not that much different from your competitors, what do you think will give you the edge that you’re looking for? The core of what you’re about? Or simply stating the products or services that you provide? A well thought out brand will help you to emotionally connect with your customers.

What will make someone choose you, over the other thousands of options?

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